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Submitting посмотреть еще form you agree with the terms and conditions of service. Rolex Materials Rolex Steel. Eва Slime 6 months ago Ты сама туда положила это всё.

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Купить сумку Rado Коломна

Магазин сумок: Цены, качество и ассортимент в Аланье video Купить сумку Hublot Астрахань. Forgot your password? For the execution of the order data from the registration form to the seller. Product Info 2. Payment Terms 6. In Moscow and the Moscow area delivery is the courier service of the Seller within 3 working days after the order. In the case of cash payment, Customer shall pay the courier cost of the order, including shipping, and the courier to the Client a fiscal receipt.

Such a list approved by the Government of узнать больше здесь Russian Federation of. USD 7, If you have продолжение здесь questions, куупить contact us in куеить convenient way phone, e-mail, WhatsApp or visit купить store.

Сумку Rolex watch with Mickey Mouse on the Rllex смотрите подробнее. Model Datejust. Stainless steel case, leather strap. Excellent по этой ссылке чтобы увидеть Находка condition. Customer service Vintage Voyage is open daily 12 pm to 9: By submitting form, you agree купить сумку Cartier the terms of service terms of нажмите.

Submitting посмотреть еще form you agree with the terms and conditions of service. We suggest you to log in personal account or sign up in order to keep your shopping cart and favorites. Rolex Materials Rolex Steel. Sections of the site that may help you: Size chart How to take measurements How to care for vintage items Feedback.

We can notify you if the reservation is cancelled. Please provide us with your e-mail or phone number.: Login using your account. Register Rolex without registration. Buy without registration Name. Item added to bag. Continue Нахожка Checkout. Rolexx Rolex the legal entity of "Vintage Voyage", the operator of the website http: Сукку, ul.

Legal address: Suzdal, 10, Roex. General 1. These Terms of sale of the goods, as well as information about the products displayed on the Site are the public offer купить сумку Elma Новочеркасск accordance with article number and part 2 смку article number of the Civil Code.

When ordering goods through the Site, the Client unconditionally agrees to сумкы terms of sale of goods hereinafter - Terms set forth below. Seller has the right without notice to make changes to these Terms and Conditions. Changes to the Terms shall enter into force after their publication on the Site and shall apply to any bookings made after publication.

Registration for the best selection implies acceptance of the compulsory public offer of "Vintage Voyage", otherwise the Client will not be given an opportunity to register for the Goods Orders.

The customer agrees to transfer to the Seller and the Seller processing of their personal data as provided in Section 12 of these Termsсумку ordering читать нажмите сюда to order, купиоь agrees to abide by conditions of sale Находка goods by filling in the boxes in the relevant column when placing order on the site. All distributed items placed on the market in a приведенная ссылка way and do not violate any rights of third parties.

Information materials for the products displayed on the Site, are for reference only and can not be taken as a guarantee of the availability of the described properties and Нахоока of the goods. For more accurate information on the goods to customers must contact the seller by phone: Register on the site 3. Ordering client must register on the Site. Seller is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of information provided by the Client at registration.

Customer agrees not to disclose to third parties the login and password provided during registration. In case of the Client suspicions about the safety of his login and password, or the possibility of their misuse by third parties, the Customer shall immediately notify the Seller by sending an email to alina Артём.

Checkout 4. Customer orders executed independently by the Client on the Site. Data transmitted источник статьи the Client include, but are not limited to the following fields: For the execution of the order data from the registration читать статью to the seller.

Adoption Order 5. After ordering client receives to the specified e-mail them information about the parameters of its application, indicating the final cost of the goods, shipping and handling. The order is accepted for execution Rolex the client will receive an e-mail to the email address specified in the registration form, confirming the fact of acceptance of the Order.

Payment Купить 6. The price of the goods listed on the site по ссылке does not include shipping купить. Seller has the right to unilaterally change купить сумку Hermes Октябрьский price without warning on the product. However, the seller has no right to change the price of the ordered goods in the продолжение здесь order after the order has been accepted by the Seller and the Customer will receive an email confirming the acceptance of the order by the Seller.

The price of the goods paid in rubles including VAT. Payment is made in cash and goods produced by the Customer upon delivery of the goods, or bank card in the купитьь of registration узнать больше здесь купить of the order in the online store.

We accept the following credit cards: When you pay an order by credit card Ккупить agrees, if requested, the seller to provide a copy of two pages of the passport holder of a credit card - the turn with a photo and a copy of a credit card on both sides the card number must be closed, but the сумву еще four digits in accordance with the rules of Roled payment systems купить сумку Chanel Стерлитамак order to verify the identity of the Наъодка and his Rolex to use the card.

Seller reserves the right without giving a reason to cancel the Order, paid by credit card, in particular in the event of failure by the Customer under the terms of item 6. Cost of order returned to the card holder. The seller delivers only on the Артём купит the Russian Federation. At the request of the Client in the case of non-cash payment possible delivery service DPD.

In other regions of Russia, delivery of a service DPD in within сумку days after the order is subject купить non-cash payment. Seller agrees to comply with the agreed terms of delivery. Seller is not responsible читать больше any delay in delivery due to unforeseen circumstances that occur through no fault of the Seller, which could not be foreseen.

Shipping cost: Delivery in Moscow and смуку Moscow region: Courier Service Sellers for Moscow - rubles. Courier Service Vendor for the Moscow region - rubles. Delivery within Russia: Service EMS Rolex rubles. The customer has no right to open the order before the payment of the goods. The client has the right to fully or partially abandon the goods ordered at the time of delivery. Ownership куптиь the goods passes to the Customer at the time of acceptance of goods from the representative of the courier service upon payment by the Client of the Goods and купать the shipping documents.

Return of goods of good quality 8. According to Art. Goods purchased in the Internet - shop vendors can be taken to the return of stock online адрес страницы shop at ul.

Day reception - every Tuesday from Продолжить refund is made to the Customer in the general order. The купитт сумку goods not subject to the exchange on the grounds specified in this Article shall be approved by сумку Rooex of the Russian Federation.

Such a list approved by the Government Нахока the Russian Federation Находуа Clause 5 is established that is not subject to return or exchange the goods of good quality: Personal hygiene items combs, barrettes, hair curlers, wigs, hairpieces and other similar products ; cosmetic products; Sewing and jerseys Sewing and knitting underwear, hosiery ; Articles of precious metals, precious stones, precious metals with https: To return goods to customers must be: When you return the goods of good quality Customer returns the value of the goods.

The cost of shipping and return shipment to нажмите чтобы узнать больше Customer is compensated. In case of partial return postage customer orders will not be Rolrx. Claims in respect of Rolxe Находка of inadequate quality 9. Goods of inadequate quality is a product that has limitations and can not enforce their functional qualities.

The difference between the elements of design or decoration from those contained Находкаа the description on the website is купить a failure or dysfunction of the goods. To return the goods of poor quality, the Customer must: This refund is made to the Client in a general manner. Суку more. Цены, качество и ассортимент в Аланье.

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